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study of an office and commercial building

A study for a competition – an office and commercial complex on a brownfield in Warsaw close to the existing high-rise. more

The site adjoins the busy ´Aleja Jana Pawla II´ street. Randomly positioned warehouses and industrial buildings that will be completely razed down currently occupy the location. Both alternatives develop the architecture and concept of the layout from the east out away from Aleja Jana Pawla II (street). They assume, as suggested in the brief, that the area between the site and the busy street will be revitalised establishing a logical entry corridor with vast areas of green. We want to concentrate only pedestrian traffic into this part so that the entrances into buildings would be separated from resident and visitor car entries. All car entries including the supply entry are from Burakowska. We assume that this street will have a sufficient capacity to contain the planned traffic. We believe that modern office building should be preferably based on a simple, yet effective form building on proven standards, ´ergonomics´ and ´logistics´ of spaces and functions. We believe that modern office building should be preferably based on a simple, yet effective form building on proven standards, ´ergonomics´ and ´logistics´ of spaces and functions. In many previous designs and built projects, we could prove how important these standards are, as well as the fact that they are an important factor allowing meeting conditions of assessment of environmental impacts of buildings (e.g. BREEAM). Therefore, we consider the simplicity and straightforwardness of this design building on these standards as the leitmotiv of both the submitted alternatives. The site has not been severely affected by the concept of the surrounding buildings so far. The shape can be further developed allowing the best quality of daylighting inside while following the standard layout scheme and intensive use of the area. The depth of each segment, independent of layout, is ideal for an office building; it is designed modulated as 3 x 8.1 meters fitting into the concept of open space and individual offices defined by a layout scheme of a five-winged building. The basic segments arranged as altering behind each other allow for construction in two or three phases. Along with glazed areas recessed behind the surface of the front façade their arrangement naturally evokes the fragmentation of the core mass of the building dividing it into smaller sections and optically adapting it to the scale of the city – the city typical with its structure of buildings of a different height standing next to each other. This way conceived building does not need any additional elements such as façade components to become more architectural; it can be designed with an architecturally modest façade whose prime function is to effectively daylight the interior of offices (and ventilate, if necessary).

  • addressBurakowska 14
  • year2015
  • investorHB Reavis Real Estate Polcom Investment XVIII sp. z o. o.
  • design teamRichard Doležal, Jan Holna, Michal Jedlička, Veronika Kommová, Tereza Kupková, Michal Papež
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  • photographs/visualizationsTomáš Herle
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