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The Albatros Bldg. was refurbished and a simple addition was built into the gap site next to the U Medvídků house; the new volume will add space to the existing office storey. The two top stories will be restored and converted from mechanical and utility rooms to loft offices of the highest standard with large terraces. Lamellas cover the north curtain wall façade of the addition to achieving a visual effect adjusting the new building to the surrounding buildings when seen from the distance. more

The former Albatros publishing house is found in the centre of Prague near the pedestrian zone. It stands at the corner of Národní třída and Na Perštýně next to the U Medvídků house. The building is part of the historical protection area; it is not a listed building, but it is protected in the framework of the Prague Monument Reservation. The corner ´U Ratzenberků´ or once ´U Braunerů´ house stood here in the 19th century bearing the name of Dr František Brauner MP who had bought it in the 1860s. The famous Union Café was here then, the place favoured by many notable persons such as Alois Jirásek, Mikoláš Aleš, Antonín Dvořák, Josef Václav Myslbek, later Fráňa Šrámek, Jan Stursa, Jaroslav Seifert or Karel Čapek who fought to salvage the house and coffee shop. Eventually, the house was razed down in 1950, and a modern office building with a unique and spectacular curtain wall façade by Italian FEAL was built here for the Albatros publishing house in 1968. The project was led by architect Stanislav Franc in cooperation with the team of Stanislav Franc – Luděk Hanf - Jan Nováček. The building was refurbished several times after the Velvet Revolution, and even the original façade was replaced. The last modernization of mostly the technical equipment took place in 2003. The building is divided into two blocks – the office building is the higher, ten-storied mass; the lower, two-storied part contains the car entry to the garage operated by an automatic parking system, and the technology entry. There are two basement stories below the whole building. The main entrance is from Na Perštýně; there is a guarded reception behind it. Česká spořitelna (saving bank) has a branch on the ground floor. Offices, technology control room, and restrooms are on the first floor. The area is made smaller here because the structural height of the bank hall is double. The basic layout of the second to the eighth floor is the same. The building’s core is established by a central staircase, two personal lifts, technology shafts (next to the staircase), restrooms, and kitchenettes. A corridor runs along the core with entrances to individual offices of different size. The eight floor steps back. The ninth floor is allocated for technology: there are a boiler room, ventilation and lift mechanical rooms here, and a diesel backup power generator here. Storage and technology rooms are located in the first and second basement – a sprinkler mechanical plant, a power switchboard room, a UPS, an HVAC mechanical plant, a water heater room, a transformer station, a telephone switchboard room, and others. There are 23 parking places in the basement serviced by an automatic parking system. The investor’s intent was to insert a volume into the gap above the entry to the garage on Na Perštýně, i.e. between the U Medvídků hotel and the higher office block, which would add a luxury section to the existing premises containing representative areas, top management offices, and meeting rooms. This modernization would affect the top stories primarily – the two stories stepping back, where the investor plans to replace the offices by two loft flats making use of the prime location in the city centre and beautiful views of Prague landmarks and monuments. The newly added spaces will use the original entry and the reception from Na Perštýně. They will be connected to the higher office stories and flats via the existing staircase and the lifts. The completed office stories will fill in the existing gap, and they will functionally be connected with the existing building where the capacity of restrooms will be increased. Existing technology will be relocated from the ninth story down to the basement and partly on the first floor. Two luxury loft offices with terraces and stunning views of Old and New Town are designed on the eight and ninth story.

  • addressNa Perštýně 342/1
    Praha 1 - Staré Město
  • year2015
  • investorPražská správa nemovitostí spol. s r.o.
  • design teamJiří Havrda, Peter Malaga, Petr Malinský, Ondrej Pleidel, Pavel Šefl
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