new tenement house competition

The site is on the top of a rather steep slope above Jinonická, Prague 5, in a neighbourhood rich with the green and beautiful views to the surroundings. The position of the building in a steep slope below the edge calls for a terraced design. Glazed walls to terraces are broken in a regular pattern evoking an impression as if cubes were taken from the main mass and intimate hideaways of intimate terraces were arranged in their place. more

The surrounding buildings are rather robust terraced houses from the 1970s on the edge of the slope; the older development on the top of the hill can be characterised as detached tenement villas and bigger family houses in gardens. The new dwelling will create a virtual promontory in the meander of contour lines – it will be a sort of a crown on the slope with woody overgrowth – a natural landmark not aspiring to dominate. Windows and terraces will provide beautiful views to the east and the south-east even from the lowest storeys. The position on a steep slope below the edge calls for a terraced composition. Similar to a promontory, the structure should naturally grow up from the sloping terrain. Lateral walls perpendicular to the contour lines establish the basic dynamics – ´rock pillars´ consisting of robust gabion walls defining five key modules. These walls at the same time sufficiently separate terraces and front glazed walls. Each flat thus enjoys a very intimate space between two walls made of natural material, evoking a feeling of safety; this space is at the same time closed by one compact glass wall providing a breathtaking view. Each glass wall to a terrace is broken in a regular module evoking an impression as if cubes were removed from the central mass and intimate hideaways of private terraces were arranged in their place. These ´cubes´ can have a different function while retaining the same dimension and material – a terrace/pergola/conservatory/confined interior space. This modulation provides unlimited possibilities of arranging flats; that is why the designed layouts should be viewed just as an example; there is enough room here to refine further these layouts, and flats´ make up with the investor and future clients. The glass walls combine exclusively fixed, and French windows; sliding aluminium jalousies with adjustable lamellas are placed in front of them – a new dimension is introduced into the composition this way providing user comfort at the same time.

  • addressPod Šmukýřkou
    Praha 5 - Košíře
  • year2007
  • investorV Invest CZ a.s.
  • design teamJiří Hejda, Tomáš Herle
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