habrovka apartment complex

new housing development

A study of a group of five detached three-storied houses with the top story stepping back establishing a terrace, located in area Habrovka/Nad Pískovnou in Prague 4. The houses are simple cubic volumes in light colours with vertically proportioned French windows. The stories are slightly shifted so that their facades are visually divided by a fine horizontally cast shadow. more

Five rectangular prisms (A, B, C, D, E) are the core volumes of these residential houses, each of them having one underground story (half recessed due to the sloping terrain) accommodating a car park and four aboveground ones; the top story features an L-shaped terrace. Entrances are always designed on the north side; the north façade is fitted with narrow-format windows, too. The windows are in general designed with a lower plinth so that the layouts designed rather economically regarding space could benefit from the ´French window effect´ which makes, especially, the smaller rooms’ layout felt as unobstructed and open. At the same time, accentuating the vertical proportion of windows, the appropriate dynamics is introduced in facades along with the positive effect of ´slicing´ the otherwise simple envelope. The dark windows contrast against the pale façade; spandrel panels mount up as insulating panels (or, to achieve the same effect, a different thickness of the insulating material can be used instead of these panels, i.e. the area above the window spandrel can be recessed inside by approximately 5 cm). The area above thus seems like continuing the vertical format of the window intensifying the dynamics of the windows and the façade, emphasising the contrast between light and dark areas (see visualisations). The effect of subtle differentiation between the stories visible on the façade is achieved by slightly recessing it, or jutting the façade corners out in the insulating envelope establishing a delicate line of shading; this line gently visually separates each story and produces an impression of that each of them is rotated a little bit. Each entrance is sheltered by a subtle L-shaped prefabricated architectural concrete element – a porch with a small awning and a wall protecting it from one side. A symbol of a hornbeam leaf will be imprinted in walls by a steel mould during casting. This ´compound notation´ can be used to distinguish each house/entrance (size, colour, or the number of leaves) and therefore make orientation easier (combined with the street number) to visitors and children in particular. The houses have flat roofs; the story stepping back has a terrace facing south and east with unobstructed views to Prague-Krč and Novodvorská. The particular shape of proportions of eight detached family houses that will establish the central area of the residential complex is not subject to this competition study due to the assumption that the owners of these properties will have them designed individually.

  • addressU Habrovky / Nad Svahem
    Praha 4 - Krč
  • year2014
  • investorArcibiskupství pražské
  • design teamRichard Doležal, Jiří Havrda, Ondrej Pleidel, Lukáš Soukup
  • collaborationTomáš Herle
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