supreme burgrave's house

refurbishment and addition of a visitor centre

A competition design of a new visitor centre after the former Dům dětí/House of Children was razed down in the Supreme Burgrave's House compound. more

The goal was to find such a solution that would make the buildings fully fit for the tenant’s planned program while affecting the historical matter as little as possible. Our design uses the natural pitch of the terrain to hide a huge volume of new units (a multi-purpose cultural space – used for exhibitions, concerts, social events + a café) below the upper courtyard. The new public spaces are nevertheless clearly defined and modern, not failing to disclose the period of their origin. A large glazed façade of the lower storey, on the contrary, connects this part to the historic courtyard and the simple, pure shapes do not compete with the historical morphology. Located the main new volume (the new multi-purpose hall) below the upper courtyard, we have restored both courtyards to regain their former area. Utilising the naturally sloping terrain, the visitor walks up a moderately ascending ramp down to the space below the upper courtyard. The courtyard opens to the lower patio by a large glazed façade. The paving here enters into the interior and events organised in the interior naturally flow out to the courtyard. Built-in structures are therefore removed from the upper courtyard that could once again become a bright forecourt to the info centre and the entry for events taking part in the Supreme Burgrave’s House. Both (now glazed) gates to Jiřská are open again becoming real gates facing visitors approaching the Prague Castle and those leaving it. The plain area of the upper court paved by large stone tiles is vertically divided by two ramps levelling different elevations of the ground floor. This way, each room on the ground floor (the info centre, the foyer) has a direct entrance from the courtyard. A staircase ascends from the lower storey between two ramps allowing use areas located here even if the lower court is closed for theatre performances.

  • addressJiřská ulice
    Praha 1 - Pražský Hrad
  • year2006
  • investorSpráva Pražského hradu
  • design teamJiří Hejda, Jiří Chlumský, Agata Kiszka, Petr Malinský, Jindřich Ševčík
  • collaborationfalse
  • photographs/visualizationsvizualizace - Visualarch
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