malvazinky residence

new residential complex

A new concept was developed when the project got a client and a new architect. The goal was to clear the former tenement houses of opulent architectural style and turn them into villas of an austere design with modern layouts of flats. more

The Malvazinky Residence project developed from the previous one. Our client got the project including valid planning permission. With the new client and the new architect, also a new concept was developed aiming at clearing the former tenement houses of opulent architectural style and turning them into villas of an austere design with modernly conceived layouts of flats. The previous design defined the core capacities, dimensions, and shapes of buildings. Complying with these values that could not be changed without interfering with planning permission set the fundamental idea of the design of the new project while subjecting the architectural concept to a complex change. A new tectonics had to follow out from the rather diverse footprints and silhouettes of the formerly designed houses. The idea dividing each of the three buildings in a group of blocks in one direction – segments passing through the entire volume, supported such an idea. The site in Prague 5-Košíře, slightly sloping towards the north is located south of the historic Šalamounka farmstead. The valley of the Košíře natural park, Motol, and Strahov skyline can be seen from almost the whole site. The flats in three houses standing on the contour line of the narrow land try to make the most of it. Moreover, the three houses (two of them six-storied and one only five-storied) rest on one base that establishes a ground floor with a variable environment combining private and semi-public areas and provides a necessary top view for vistas down to the valley. Where possible, layouts of flats are designed, so that the family area with a living room and an open kitchen would be connected to the entry hall. The intimate part of flats with bedrooms and their amenities is designed as a separate unit protected from the entry and the family areas. Corridors are minimised, but closets and utility rooms are rather large. The common base with the greater part sunk in the sloping hill accommodates an underground resident car park, amenities, and technical rooms. The car access to the compound is on the north side opposite to the pedestrian entrance; moreover, it is on a different level, too. The structure of mutually shifted segments, the basic architectural concept, is supported by their colours. Fronts of narrow blocks are light; their sides are dark. So, it is easy for visitors to orient within different types of volumes and recognise individual segments through a house. Regarding the structural frame and materials, the houses are designed as austere, standard ones (yet not ´cheap´). We want the qualities of the houses to rest at the conceptual level, not in the number of untraditional ideas and the use of complicated architectural or layout details. The project was built without the participation of the DAM architekti office.

  • addressČeská
    Praha 5 - Košíře
  • year2008
  • investorSatpo a.s.
  • design teamJan Holna, Petr Šedivý
  • collaborationPetr Burian, Jana Hanzalová, Hana Němečková, Peter Schmidt, Miloš Linhart
  • photographs/visualizationsVisualarch
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