pod slovany residence

refurbishment of tenement house

The fundamentals for modernisation of a Classicist tenement block house in the Prague Monument Reservation were to preserve most of the original structures, the architecture of the house, and the layout and functions. That is to say, to preserve the genius loci, in compliance with the investor’s key conditions and requirements to provide flats with a modern standard of furnishing, yet maintaining the original atmosphere. more

This entirely tenement house has five typical storeys with two to four flats per storey. Two luxury lofts flats were designed in the formerly empty attic. While the layouts of flats and their technology were designed to meet modern housing needs, details and the assortment of materials were selected to evoke the time the house was built. That is why we can find exact replicas of windows or doors in these flats (including hardware). While the flats are austere in the minimalist style no matter the details mentioned above, the public areas (corridors, stairways, back-of-house facilities) are renovated and restored to the original condition with as many original elements and construction methods used as possible. The street façade including rich embossed decorations was also exactly professionally restored.

  • addressPod Slovany 7
    Praha 2 - Nové Město
  • year2008
  • investorSATPO Pod Slovany, s.r.o.
  • design teamMarkéta Aulíková, Jana Hanzalová, Jan Holna, Jan Magasanik, Petr Malinský
  • collaborationfalse
  • photographs/visualizationsFilip Šlapal
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