baarova residential park

competition - new residential compound

A residential compound in the BB Centrum locality; a place where different urbanistic structures meet. We understood the establishing of a functional line of division that would accept the original and the newly developed urbanistic structure in this area as the principal motive to which we submitted our design. more

The design concept is based on the competition brief. The scope and the limits were set down in advance. The site is clearly encased by the current street structure, the existing and the planned developments, and the area of the future park. We understand the location as a place for meeting different urbanistic structures. The planned buildings will establish a line of division between the new development in the BB Centre compound and the original tenement houses, torsos of the originally proposed blocks. We recognised establishing a functional line of division accepting the primary and the newly formed structure in the location as the main motive to which we submitted our design. We aimed our effort to designing buildings whose architecture and layouts were not conditioned by materials and the quality of details, but that build on logical links in the surrounding development and elemental requirements in the given location. The basic shape and position will not close the old houses behind the barrier of the Residenční areál/Residence Complex, but the other way around, it will allow as large optical expansion of the park beyond the border of the south facades of the designed buildings. The way the buildings are positioned does not accept a diagonal diverting of the street from its original direction. Buildings’ ground floors align with the street line defined by the warehouses. This arrangement will not only help to connect the future development in Baarova but, most importantly, a new space of a green square is defined this way where shops and services have their display windows. The whole compound is divided into two basic concepts. Three lowest houses (the west part of the residential compound) are located in a private park. An intimate area between houses follows on from gardens of the existing houses in Baarova. Residents will use them for relaxing. We assume that leisure areas, children’s playgrounds or areas for various activities (skittles, petanque, training golf green). After visitors pass through the main reception, the private park will be an excellent place for the first contact with the internal space of the residential compound. The area between the next three houses (the east half) is allocated for commercial functions and services. The design intentionally uses the north space in front of houses to define a new public square with decorative planting.

  • addressBaarova ulice
    Praha 4 - Michle
  • year2005
  • investorPasserinvest Group
  • design teamJana Hanzalová, Jan Holna, Peter Malaga
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