villa ořechovka

refurbishment and extension of family villa

A similar brief was at the beginning of the project we had got for the nearby villa of President Havel: to refurbish the villa and add a swimming pool. more

The villa was built in the late 1920's and represents the "builder's architecture" of its own time. Its uniqueness, more than its facade concept or original interior richness, is determined by its location at the end of the charming residential district, by the significant residential building neighbourhood, and a quite large adjacent garden. Rather poor quality of the original substance led to generously conceived interior renovation aiming at as open the space as possible. Two blocks linked to the mansion’s lowest storey were another appended quality: an indoor swimming pool and a double garage. These new volumes naturally divide the estate into a street part and a private, dwelling part. The pool's severe shape trenched below the grade perfectly fits into the surroundings. Its glazed sliding facade affords a yearlong visual contact with the garden. In the summer time, it becomes part of the exterior, because it is possible to slide the windows to sides. The garage is a massive compact block made of architectural concrete into which a space for cars is recessed. Due to their severe form, the new blocks clearly functionally separate themselves from the volume of the old house and distinctly confess to the fact that they were added and the time when it was done, yet not weakening the dominant role of the villa. The overall expression restraint is emphasised by a small amount of built-in natural materials: walls – monolithic concrete, veneers - black chipped slate and stainless steel, windows - mahogany. Weinkath Möbeldesign, Hamburg was the interior architects.

  • addressU Laboratoře 6
    Praha 6 - Ořechovka
  • year1997
  • investorprivate
  • design teamPetr Burian, Richard Doležal, Petr Malinský
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