za haštalem 3

refurbishment and addition

Modernization of an existing historic building with additions following modern morphology, closing the compound. The parcel has a rather irregular longitudinal shape with two projections; it is, in fact, a trapezium courtyard encased on all four sides. A narrow broken lane starts at its south-east tip leading at sharp angles to the wings in the southeastern projection. more

Our design builds on the existing spatial structure of the compound and its surroundings. We consider the urbanistic form of this part of the Old Town as complete in fact; our ´interventions´ are limited to completing the compound following the footprints of the former yet currently removed buildings (see the historic photo and plans). In principle, we can say that both additions – ´S´ (north) and ´J´ (south) – are by their position and height modern additions to the once compact structure of the naturally developed Old Town. They, therefore ´rectify´ desurbanisation of this part of central Prague during which, due to slum-clearing and later lack of maintenance during the communist era, parts of building disappeared; we try to complement this structure making the urban structure compact again. The south addition ´J´ is a consistently modern four-storied building. The top story with a flat roof steps back while the existing historic building remains almost untouched. The north addition is a contemporary paraphrase to ´brutalism´ of the 1960s; a volume spatially and vertically copying the previous development documented by an imprint in the existing north gable – see the historical photo and plans, with a flat roof, too. The courtyard closed by the south addition is consistently designed as a quiet private zone for residents, as a safe and peaceful area within the block cultivated by the fine architectural detailing of stone paving and miniature garden architecture. The existing buildings around the courtyard will be completely renovated including conversion of lofts to flats; flats will be daylighted by ridged or single-pit dormers (facing the courtyard). Large and light flats will be built inside the buildings; consistently applied modern architectural design will preserve all valuable details and handicraft elements. The additions composed with modern large French windows have a traditional reinforced concrete frame with bricked walls; facades are engrained GRC panels in light ochre-white (addition ´S´) and sand-ochre tones (addition ´J´). The loft conversion gets daylight through a combination of ridge and single-pitch dormers. For circulation, we use only the current means: the existing staircases in both wings of the historic buildings and a minimal number of preserved corridors. Two new built-in lifts are located in all versions in the place of toilets and utility rooms at the end of their useful life in close touch with the existing staircases. An underground automatic parking system below the addition ´S´ has a lift and a turntable to take the least space possible and provide comfortable parking to residents. Modernization of the historic building with the addition ´J´ closing the compound applying modern morphology of architecture. Structurally, this addition is designed as a reinforced concrete frame with bricked walls; facades are conspicuously shaped spatial cladding of engrained pyramidal GRC panels in light sand-ochre, approximately 30 x 27.5 cm in size; this design should rephrase historical rustication softening the lapidary mass of the new cubic building. Aluminium windows are of the highest standard of detail - graphite grey with clear glass and glass panel railing. Exterior jalousies controlling interior environment, lighting, and insolation are designed above each window providing better safety to occupants. The ´S´ addition to the north gable wall is a contemporary free paraphrase to the modernistic architecture of the 1960s. It is clad in a white veneer of engrained GRC elements; aluminium windows are graphite grey clear triple-glass units; terraces have a railing consisting of glass panels. Exterior jealousies are designed above each window controlling interior environment, lighting, and insolation providing better safety to occupants. The existing building is renovated and consistently structurally treated (timber floor structures at the end of their useful life, infected timber rafters, and similar). Interior plasters and renders are professionally restored based on an upfront conducted survey; design of each flat is modern, utilising salvaged and restored handcrafted elements. Preserved casement windows are professionally restored, or their copies are installed, if necessary. The same applies to interior door leaves and doorframes, entry doors, and gates. Roofing over an insulation makeup will be classical seamless-texture shingle clay tile (´bobrovka´); dormers will be roofed in the same way, and their sides will be plastered with visible structural elements. Dormer window frames will be of the same colour as wood around here (not painted white). Ceilings between rafters in lofts will be stud walls covered with white-painted plasterboard. Layouts in the existing buildings will be strictly developed from the structural systems, existing door/window openings including vault systems. For details – see the drawings. Technologically, this is a classical timber structure; its additions are reinforced concrete frame with masonry walls; reinforced concrete diaphragm walls are used to build the underground car park; the basement walls are insulated against groundwater in a gravel-sand water-bearing formation and fixed by prestressed ground anchors to bedrock approximately 12-14 meters deep.

  • addressZa Haštalem 3
    Praha 1 - Staré Město
  • year2013
  • investorHastal Apartments s.r.o.
  • design teamPetr Malinský, Gabriela Šatrová
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