holečkova 26

new residential complex with commercial units

This new building is in Prague 5-Smíchov in the Hřebenka neighbourhood that is a unique location. A terraced garden with many trees is a part of it belonging to a green belt among blocks of houses on the hill. more

The standard blocks of flats and less densely positioned houses on fenced lots are combined with large-scale technical structures from the end of the 20th century (Strahovský tunnel) in the area around the site. The last mentioned construction damaged the original block development and its gradual transformation into a less dense fabric. This intervention was so aggressive that the whole block of houses was divided into two halves and an open ´wild´ area developed here further transferring into an area of detached buildings. Based on these facts, we designed three houses of an entirely different character. House No. 1 (Rectilinear House) is located on the northeast side of the Strahovský tunnel. It is a rectilinear tenement house, by its mass explicitly terminating and separating the original block-type development from the looser one. The houses no. 2 and no. 3 (Point Houses) are, on the contrary, designed in the spirit of the loose-type development. Both houses are of an intentionally organic shape to contrast with the rectilinear house featuring severe forms. We would furthermore like to separate and emphasise two project phases that will be carried out at different times. That is why we designed entirely diverse houses of a different character; by using similar materials and details we suggested a sort of similarity and liaison between them.

  • addressHolečkova 26
    Praha 5 - Smíchov
  • year2015
  • investorIrnerio Praha s.r.o.
  • design teamRichard Doležal, Lenka Kadrmasová, Hana Němečková, Lukáš Soukup, Marek Topič, Roland Vančó
  • collaborationVratislav Ansorge, Stella Boechat Cordeiro, Tomáš Herle, Jan Holna,
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