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The residential buildings of VILAPARK JINONICE constitute the first stage of an extensive development – modernization and revitalization of the historic grounds of the Jinonice farmstead – known as the ´Chateau´. A truly lively local centre offering various activities will develop here. more

The rear of the grounds is complemented by new houses – partly by rebuilding the original barns preserving the height of the cornices and ridges (the so-called ´lofts´) – and four four-storey villas surrounded by green instead of former garden pavilions and sheds. These are situated on the site of old garden buildings and sheds. Bay windows and loggias floating among the austere mass of the surrounding buildings enliven the character of the villas. Their coloured, textured rendering in contrast with glass-cement cladding panels in a natural, unpainted finish reinforces this character. The built-in materials correspond to a higher standard as well as the historic surroundings; their natural colours and structure allow them to age naturally without demanding maintenance. The complex is outlined by a historic wall on one side and by a hedge on the other. On the southern side, the complex delineates a ´street´ of an urban value leading to the central historical building. In the direction of the new villas, the wall defines a very intimate space of front gardens to apartments on the ground floor. The remainder of the original garden is retained as a park with the original axial layout and a garden pavilion preserved. These areas have a shared underground garage with direct entrances to the buildings.

  • addressZa Zámečkem 746
    Prague 5 - Jinonice
  • year2007
  • investorV Invest CZ a.s.
  • design teamJiří Hejda, Petr Malinský, Jindřich Ševčík
  • collaborationfalse
  • photographs/visualizationsFilip Šlapal
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