mrázovka apartment villa

new building

A tenement villa with 11 flats featuring a quarry stone façade veneer is located in a residential neighbourhood on the hill above the centre of Smíchov in Prague. more

The basic, visible volume of the building is formed from a simple, slightly vertical cubic mass, derived precisely from the dimensions of the surrounding development. The mutual spacing also corresponds to the surrounding development. The building with its simple shape and colouring (quarried stone cladding, architectural concrete) does in no way deviate from the character of the surrounding locality, but decisively it does not deny its own period.

  • addressU Nikolajky 35
    Prague 5 - Smíchov
  • year2003
  • investorMrázovka a.s.
  • design teamRichard Doležal, Jiří Hejda, Petr Malinský, Jindřich Ševčík
  • collaborationMarie Hajná Procházková
  • photographs/visualizationsAndrea Lhotáková, Filip Šlapal
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