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Nová Elektra is a townhouse. It built in an area today perceived as a transformation zone. We hope that the existing buildings still having the character of an industrial area will step-by-step make a place for new houses. Well, by the way, it has already been happening in the surroundings of our project. The entire area has no doubt a great potential to become a pleasant borough with all necessary public amenities. more

The area along Poděbradská street, between the historic centre of Hloubětín on the east and Balabenka on the west, was predominantly exploited for industrial purposes in the 20th century. As the outskirts of the large Prague, the area was formed as an industrial zone with factories and warehouses. At the beginning of the new century, that is after the policy focused on industrial production located in cities, this area started transforming into a mixed-character residential zone. This process has not finished yet, and the area along both sides of Poděbradská has still been urbanised. And the Elektra project’s concept builds on this assumed future of the area. The house is not a solitary player. It is a piece in the future urban structure. It proceeds on the information the area provides and sets up logical and understandable conditions for buildings that will one day stand around it. It is easy to follow its example, to incorporate it into the urban block, to build a concept of buildings thanks to it that, on the one hand, build a vital environment of an urban street and, on the other hand, establish a protected zone inside the blocks with vegetation for its inhabitants. The corner plot lined by Poděbradská and U Elektry streets invites to use the solution that will start the concept described above. The street façade of the section of the house along Poděbradská follows the street line (derived from the already-completed development in this street). This section is dominative. It is raised by two storeys in the corner, from prevailing five storeys to seven. The corner is not accentuated by a façade element or any other “ornament” but in the form of the mass. The section adjoining to U Elektry street thus completes the previously mentioned urban block. It closes the internal courtyard and defines the street front in U Elektry street. The house is modest and expedient. Its architecture is not based on complicated solutions and details regarding the expression. Pure and, if possible, uncomplicated solutions are reflected in the minimalistic concept of its facades, volumetric design, and layout. The house is mostly used for living. There are flats on the aboveground storeys. Retail areas accessed from the street are designed on the ground floor along Poděbradská. Parking and technical facilities are planned in two basement storeys.

  • addressU Elektry
    Praha 9 - Hloubětín
  • year2021
  • investor<a href=https://www.finep.cz/cs/byty-nova-elektra> FINEP Elektra k.s.. </a>
  • design teamJan Holna, Petra Pechová
  • collaborationfalse
  • photographs/visualizations BoysPlayNice
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