municipal interventions prague 2010

ˇBella Vista´hiking route / footbridge over Plzeňská

We welcome the Urban Interventions initiative, which has already taken place in several locations across the country. We see it as a great tool to mobilise city users to take an interest in the quality of public space and harness the potential of architects for a grassroots-led initiative. Therefore, when the call to "point to the city's sore spot and propose a solution" came to Prague, we couldn't miss it. more

We like the views. We like the views of Prague. We like walks, and we like bike rides. We like long routes that you can get on and off anywhere. We like continuous parkland rather than small, isolated islands of green. We like wandering through places where our steps do not collide with cars. We do not like to conform to the motorists. We do not like having to climb and descend unnecessarily for the sake of the view(s). We do not like it when the terrain and transportation infrastructure build difficult barriers for us. The exceptional features of the left bank of the Vltava include its distinctive terrain morphology. Thanks to its steep, high, and hitherto green slopes, we can admire the cityscape in its very centre under the treetops. The sightseeing route following the contours of, for instance, Petřín Hill and Kinský Park is well known. But if we want to continue further upstream along the axis of the parks' green islands, we will soon encounter barriers. Both landscape and artificial barriers - especially the city's transport infrastructure. That is why we offer the idea of a connection. We imagine it materialised in setting out (marking, adjusting, equipment) such a route that will be welcomed by all who like hill walking around the green parts of Prague. We propose a path that does not necessarily try to be the shortest link. Essential criteria for its routing are moderate terrain elevation, environmental diversity, the most attractive views of the metropolis, and elimination of concurrence or even collision with car traffic. We connect Petřín, Sacre Coeur, Mrázovka, Paví vrch, Mravenčí vrch, and Děvín parks up to Hlubočepské skály above Prokopské údolí. We present a 14 km long route leading only through green and quiet residential areas. The place that represents a single partial intervention in the name of the "Bella Vista" route is the bridging of Plzeňská Street with a footbridge. A suspension footbridge in the plane above the existing road bridge between the entrances to the Strahov and Mrázovka Tunnels will connect the currently somewhat deserted Sacré Coeur Park with Mrázovka Hill, thus eliminating the need to cross the busy traffic routes of Plzeňská and Kartouzská. The selected form follows the footprint of the existing bridge over the valley. The Y-shaped footbridge allows connecting the Mrázovka slope to two points on the valley's northern side: the top of the Strahov Tunnel's portal and the Sacre Coeur Park. The subtle prism of the staircase and the lift eeling through the gap between the two road bridges allows wheelchair access from the level of Plzeňská Street and thus access to the route from the ground floor.

  • addressPlzeňská
    Praha 5 - Smíchov
  • year2010
  • investorMěstské zásahy Praha 2010
  • design teamPetr Burian, Tomáš Vlasák, Jiří Vojtěšek
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