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a project for new house in nová zbrojovka centre, brno

We see the brownfield area of Nová Zbrojovka as a new urban district, full of hope and aspirations. The upcoming future holds the rehabilitation of the surroundings of the former factory as well as the adjacent banks of the Svitava river. Incorporating new functions for historic buildings into the overall concept, and, above all, the challenge of transferring energy for change and development to areas beyond its territory. Through our design, we aim to motivate the previously neglected Brno area to transform into an attractive urban district. more

The placement of the urban block is considered crucial. Its western side borders the banks of Svitava River. After relatively easy land reclamation and transformation into an attractive urban park with a natural water feature, it has the potential to extend its significance beyond the boundaries of the area. Connecting the natural park with the proposed buildings is an essential goal in our proposed concept. The composition of four standalone buildings, with shapes reminiscent of river pebbles from above, through which water flows freely, does not create a barrier between the world of the river and the urban blocks in the background. The shapes and heights of the buildings, with rounded corners that provide enough space for passages and views, are designed not only to bring sufficient natural light comfort to their residents but also to offer attractive open views in most cases in at least two directions. The buildings have two layers. The first, outer layer determines the shape and is made up of a transparent structure of vertical slats running from the ground to the roofline of the buildings. The trajectory of the slats is enhanced by the curved balconies and the shape of their railings. This lattice structure can be used for installing outdoor shading systems, positioning balcony canopies, or creating side balcony screens. The second, inner layer is the regular facade of the building, a standard solid perimeter wall with window openings. The color of the three smaller buildings is reminiscent of copper. Despite everything that has been described and what clearly erases traces of the site's former history, some may find a connection to industrial structures in such a color or even speculate whether the buildings resemble ammunition 😊. We like to design buildings that respond to the genius loci of the places where they are to be created. Thus, we will not deny such conspiracy theories, but the truth is that the metallic facade color lends subtlety to the buildings, as we have already mentioned. Greenery is an integral and extensive part of our design. Although it is not a direct architectural element, greenery helps support the architecture of our design and guide it in the direction we want it to go. We propose extensive and high-quality greenery not only in public spaces but also on elevated ground floor structures, on the roofs of the buildings, and on balcony structures. Greenery significantly contributes to the cultivated environment in which people will enjoy living and meet and to the aesthetics of roofs and facades which the future residents will look from. The above-ground floors with residential functions are complemented by supplementary functions located locally on the first floors in places where it would not be suitable to place apartments (e.g., in the southeast corner, where access to the public footbridge between the building blocks is located). Two underground levels in a common base are primarily dedicated to parking and equipment rooms for the buildings (cellars for each apartment). Essential technical rooms are also located here.

  • addressArea of Nová Zbrojovka
  • year2024
  • investor<a href="https://novazbrojovka.cz/"> CPI - Nová Zbrojovka, s.r.o. </a>
  • design teamJan Holna, Gabriela Odnohová, Antonín Pokorný
  • collaborationfalse
  • photographs/visualizationsMichal Sljusar
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