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The best clients are those who come back. That is why we are happy that, after Karlín, also Pankrác in Prague is getting its Main Point. And again, thanks to a contribution by DAM. A visually outstanding group of high-rise buildings was built in the Pankrác Pentagon. Aside from that, there are lower buildings here featuring 8-12 storeys that should “flow" through among the high-rise buildings and connect the area by Na Pankráci (street) and the opposite Pujmanové (street). The Akrády, City Point, and City Green Court developments had started this connection and established an urban space in the west part of Arkády – a “square” to which the designed Main Point Karlín (MPP) should be directly connected. more

A forty meters high composition founded on a footprint of five rounded triangles clings with its envelope to the basic grid of an orthogonal system present in the area. An expressly 3-dimensionally moulded façade of five masses offers through its rounded footprint an exciting and variable appearance if seen from the outside. This expression is indistinguishable clearly differing from somewhat unified areas of glazed facades of casual office buildings. This design makes this building immediately distinguishable from other buildings in this location. Extending one of these five structures (north-east corner) by one storey (that is in fact ‘undercutting’ it from the bottom) delivers a clear message about the position of the main entrance. Using two continuous horizontal negative joints, the façade divided into three sections introduces a micro scale into the composition corresponding to the rhythmical structuring of other buildings in the vicinity. This way described horizontal articulation takes place in a layer of vertical spatial jalousies set in front of the facade that by their front position and visual expression define the envelope of individual masses. We assume in our design that the front spatial façade elements will be bent aluminium sheets. It is crucial that the selected material is “capable” of forming into 3-D blocks and must not be heavy at the same time (physically or sensually). The goal is to indulge the 3-D elements set in front of the structure a light metal appearance of a gear-style precisely engineered product. We intentionally refer from the classic articulation of facades separating the streetscape level, the body, and the roof layer when shaping our facades. We follow the direction of a simplified abstract composition containing the before-mentioned articulation as rather just implied. Contrary to that, the envelope of the “binder” between each mass – i.e. the connecting blocks – is composed as a transparent fully glazed part of the curtain wall. The different character of the mass of the connecting blocks aiming at transparency consists in their reduced total height; they are designed approximately 1 meter lower than other masses. The area that cannot be missed is the roof (concerning the possibility to perceive the building from other high-rises). It is a full-valued “fifth façade” of the building. It is composed as an intensive roof garden and reckons with allowing the users access to these areas. Therefore, there is almost no technology in the roofscape; the capacity of the garden to be entirely used is really generous. The NW mass is lifted on bundles of inclining columns establishing a vast covered storey-high vestibule next to the entrance to the building. The exterior suspended ceiling covering the bottom of the NW tower is designed as an almost mirror-glossy metal area. Combined with artificial lighting and a water feature in the pavement this design optically increases the six-meter clear height of the vestibule to the main entrance.

  • addressMilevská ulice
    Praha 4 - Nusle
  • year2018
  • investorMain Point Pankrác, a.s.
  • design teamPetr Burian, Jiří Hejda, Robin Müller
  • collaborationLenka Kadrmasová, Martin Chudíček
  • photographs/visualizationsAndrea Thiel Lhotáková, Ester Havlová, Robin Müller
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